The Consulting Project has worked with over three hundred attorneys and has contracts with several defense firms. In addition, we have presented memoranda to aid in sentencing and plea negations in federal, state, and family court jurisdictions. Our staff is comprised of forensic social workers and forensic psychologists.

With over thirty years of experience combined, we presently serve New York’s top law firms and leading attorneys in New York, New Jersey and Florida. We are respected by many federal and state prosecutors and our success and credibility has been emphasized by New York State and Federal judges.

Our main goal is to provide information on defendants to all persons involved in making decisions during pre-pleading and sentencing phases. We understand and consider all interests involved, including the safety of the community, in providing options that will reduce recidivism.

Since the establishment of the Consulting Project in 1995, we have proudly become one of the most successful forensic consulting firms dealing with forensic social work and forensic psychology, thanks to our consultants’ hard work and innovation in the field of forensic social work.